How to Squeeze More Legroom Out of Coach

Take out the magazines, especially those massive international duty free catalogs. Gain an inch or so of legroom.

Korean Air 737 Leg Room

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  • Great tip! It’s so simple I’m surprised I haven’t thought of doing this before. It somewhat mimics the effect of Lufthansa’s slim-line seat where the magazine holder is shifted up to create more legroom in exactly this same way.

  • bluecat

    Wear shorts and gain 1/8 inch more.

    If you have hairy knees, shave them for an extra mm.

  • mike

    grow old and lose bone density/weight/height.
    take a diuretic and lose water weight before a flight.
    dont put your wallet in your back pocket to gain a few MM.
    Dont wear a thick sweater so your back can be flat against the seat.

  • Rich

    Fall down and skin your knee to the bone before your flight. Gain another 1/8th inch or so.

    Don’t put on a bandage or you’ll lose that precious knee room!!

  • Or switch to slimline seats, move the mags up to the top and squeeze the rows closer together. That’s what the airlines are doing these days.

  • asar

    I have been doing this for a while. Glad some blogger mentioned it.

  • DaninSTL

    Don’t wear underwear or pants to save another few mm’s.
    Good point on this post. For me (6’2″ with long legs) coach travel is cruel and “usual” punishment so every inch helps. Although I hate the lack of legroom what compounds it for me is the seat reclining in front of me which is already jammed against my knees. And the lack of padding in the seat bottoms.

  • bismark

    And put them where?

  • Dave

    And put the magazines where? The other seatbacks have them as well and unless the neighboring seat is empty there is no places to put the magazines.

  • @bismark, @Dave – I put in them in the overhead bin, I try to be considerate of airline staff and put them back after the flight.

  • Lively

    You guys are killing me.

  • GetToThePoints

    Jam the seat in front of you so some jackass can’t recline the whole way in your face and then keep pushing the seat back as they continually squirm around. Just encountered this and the jackass didn’t even put his seat back up during landing. I was going to point this out to steward but they never came by where I could do so discreetly. I know it is there seat buy on AA slime line setup there really is NO room and I am only 6′ tall.

    Sorry for the rant!!

  • @GetToThePoints – a subtle form of protest, especially effective against those with bare pate, is to angle your air nozzle on the top of their head, steadily increasing the gust. It is like a gnat buzzing around and drives ’em crazy until they figure it out, at which point you can look entirely innocent.

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