Our New Facebook Group: Every Passport Stamp

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Our facebook group for world travelers and country collectors is now live.

Every Passport Stamp is for we who can’t stop until we see it all.


It is a closed group with an anti-spam and no self-promotion policy to encourage productive discussion. Just yesterday topics ranged from bicycling rural Thailand to border crossings between Senegal and The Gambia.

We are organically building the group. Membership is refer-a-friend. The word travel is intentionally left out of the name and currently no search tags are entered to discourage spam members. We are using facebook as the platform because of its ubiquity.

Caroline Lupini immediately volunteered to help with group administration, see her blog to follow her travels. Her post today is When You Can’t Go to Iran…Go to Iraq Instead!

Readers, if this is for you, join in the discussion.

This group is not frequent flyer program or manufacturing spend-focused, though many of us straddle that world. If you are looking for such groups on facebook, Miles to Memories, Dan’s Deals, Travel Hacking 101, and I Love Sitting in 1st/Biz Class come to mind. The Points With a Crew group is on Slack. Saverocity and Travel Codex have forums that rival Dungeons & Dragons character building for complexity to access their progressively darker recesses where the juicy stuff is kept.

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6 years ago

I’m excited to join the group. Hopefully, I can get some good travel advice for upcoming 7 month trip to Asia.

6 years ago

Sounds cool! I love visiting off the beaten places on earth. I’ll make a request to join the group.