Enterprise Plus Adds UK/EU Rental Awards

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Enterprise Plus is not a particularly rewarding program, yet with many neighborhood locations in the US, there are many frequent renters.

Enterprise rentals can be credited to National Emerald Club (US and Canada rentals only) or Enterprise Plus. Many business travelers prefer crediting to National.

As of last month, it is also possible to earn Delta SkyMiles with Enterprise, 500 miles per rental and limited time 200 miles per day, when booked through delta.rentalcar.com, see my post for more details.  This is the first, and only, mileage earning opportunity with Enterprise.

The final Enterprise option is crediting to points in Enterprise Plus. Rental rewards were previously limited to US & Canada. Now they have been expanded to UK, Ireland, France and Germany. “More countries will be added soon.”

Enterprise Plus Points Rental

Award rates fluctuate by the price of the rental, rather than fixed amounts, so my initial thought to use them to cheaply book otherwise expensive automatic cars was dashed. Still, it is good to have options. National free rental days are limited to US & Canada. Hertz Gold Rewards redemptions are the most extensive: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, US Virgin Islands, UK, and US.

For more detail on Enterprise Plus, see my post and reader comments, The New Enterprise Rewards Program: Good for Laughs, Not for Points.

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