Discover Q3/Q4 2017 5% Categories Released: Restaurants, Amazon & More

Discover has released their remaining 5% cashback categories for 2017:

  • Q3 is Restaurants, you can activate now
  • Q4 is & More (the ‘More’ will be announced in August)

Finding good restaurants that accept Discover is up to you. We frequent places that have dusty card swipe machines that have been broken for years, “oh it just broke, it will be fixed soon.” That’s another way to identify a good [Chinese] restaurant.

Discover 2017 Q3 RestaurantsReminder that Q2 Home Improvement Stores is handy for many gift cards. This past weekend I picked up some Amazon gift cards at Lowe’s. IKEA is not home improvement, in case you are wondering.

With the Discover it card you can earn 5% cash back in these categories on up to $1,500 in eligible spend per quarter.

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