Activate Discover Oct-Dec 2016 5% Cashback: Amazon, Department Stores and Sam’s Club

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Activation is open for Discover’s October-December, 2016 5% cashback category: Amazon, department stores and Sam’s Club. Good up to $1,500 qualified spend.

Activate here.

Discover 2016 Q4 Activation

Quick notes:

  • Amazon: Amazon gift cards earn cash back
  • Department stores: use a test purchase to make sure your store is classified as a department store before going whole hog
  • Sam’s Club: in store and online purchases eligible; gas and fuel purchases excluded

Reminder: you have until September 30, for Discover 5% cashback on home improvement stores and Amazon.

There will be overlap with Chase Freedom’s 4th quarter categories of holiday shopping and wholesale clubs. Chase similarly excludes wholesale club fuel purchases.

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