Chinese Bayberries in the Boardroom

I have spent much of May in China alternating between marathon sessions in boardrooms and entertaining. Between the Chinese ‘Great Firewall’ and my company’s own increasing firewall, I can only get to my blog and email in the few minutes between midnight and 6 am that I am not snoozing. That’s not to say I am not going to have fun of it, so yesterday when I saw that 杨梅 yangmei, Myrica rubra, known variously as Chinese Bayberry, Japanese Bayberry, Red Bayberry, Yumberry,Waxberry, or Chinese strawberry tree, had hit the markets, I brought in a bushel and fitted out the day’s conference table.

Yangmei are quite tasty, the one downside is they bruise easily. If they are soft to the touch, bite carefully to see if that fermented taste of spoilage pops up. When firm and fresh they are a delight.

Chinese Bayberry

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i love 杨梅! don’t think i’ve ever seen them anywhere outside of china though.


I love these beauties! Somehow the ones sold by the road in the countryside are always so much better! I wish they would cultivate them in the US.


Yay, yummy, Yangmei:) So hard to get fresh. Lucky you.