Lakshadweep, Kashmir and Sikkim: Chasing Travelers’ Century Club in India

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India loves complexity and diversity. For the traveler there are numerous areas requiring either Protected Area Permits or Restricted Area Permits. Each varies in its entry requirements, some are simple paperwork on arrival, some are more challenging and require advance planning.

The Traveler’s Century Club, of which I am a member, calls out 4 Indian territories as ‘countries’. The Andaman Islands I had previously visited (see my posts on Amandman Islands Why Go, Practicalities, Ross & Viper Islands, the ‘Angkor Wat of British Rule’ and Port Blair and Mt Harriet of the 20 rupee note).

Andaman Islands 038

This past week I rolled through the remaining 3. Lakshadweep, the island paradise swallowed by lawsuits. Kashmir, a land of division and heartbreak. And Sikkim, nestled between Nepal and Bhutan.

I was only able to take 2 days off from work this week and needed to be back some evenings to my friend’s in Delhi for remote meetings so it was packed.

Monday to Lakshadweep via Cochin and back Tuesday to my friend’s in Delhi.

Lakshadweep India 02

Wednesday to Srinigar, Kashmir for a fly in, fly out day trip.

Srinigar Kashmir 11

Thursday to Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal, then 3.5 hours ride up to Namchi, Sikkim, and back down routing through Darjeeling for an overnight and Friday midday back again to Delhi. Exhausting.

Namchi Sikkim 01

There are understandable criticims of rapid travel like this, and chasing the Traveler’s Century Club in general, however I love that it gets me to explore places that may not even be in the guidebook.

The next several posts will address each in turn as I spend another week in India on more traditional tourist destinations.

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Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago

@smittytabb – for Borne, I am not sure how much things have improved, but the connections, land and air between Malaysian (Sabah and Sarawak) and Brunei all work well within the networks of Air Asia and others, while the Indonesian side is somewhat cut off and many of the options go through Jakarta.

8 years ago

Thanks for the ideas. A friend of mine just did Borneo and loved it!

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago

@Smittyabb – other than Europe where there are many to clean up, all the emirates of the UAE count, you can do all 7 in a day and most are not worth more than a few minutes anyway. SE Asia you can bounce around Indonesia and Malaysia to scoop up some pretty easily, Borneo alone has 4.

8 years ago

Wow how interesting! I Need 5 more to join TCC. Any ideas on a quick five?

Nick @ Personal Finance Digest

Looking forward to your eventual trip report on Sentinel Island. 😉