Chase Offers: One Card Per Login to Get Multiple Offer Credits

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Chase Offers launched with portals to register Chase Marriott cards and Chase Slate cards.

(Other cards are expected though not yet announced.)

The Chase Offers site is run by Visa Trial Pay. You need to register with a new login, not your existing Chase or Marriott login.

Chase Offers Whole FoodsMultiple Cards

One you register you are presented with the option to add multiple cards, if you have them. For instance, if you have both Marriott personal and business card, or both of the personal cards, or a family member with their own card.

These are separate accounts, not authorized users, since authorized users all have the same account number for these products.

Chase Offers More Than One CardLimit 1 per activation/account

All current offers have language “Limit 1 per activation/account.”

Chase Offers Limit 1 Per Activation Account

What is an account?

Activation applies to all registered cards at once. The immediate question is does ‘account’ mean the Chase Offers account or each credit card?

Success with separate Chase Offers logins

I registered my personal and business Marriott cards with separate Chase Offers logins.

I went to Whole Foods for the $10 off $25 offer, made successive $25 purchases and immediately got email confirmations for each offer.

Chase Offers Purchase NotificationThe next day I got redemptions confirmations.

Chase Offers Redemption

Fail with same Chase Offers login

My father has both personal versions of the Marriott cards. He added both to the same Chase Offers login.

He did the same successive $25 purchases and only got one notification. His $10 statement credit on the first card already posted to his Chase account. Still nothing on the second card.

He will send a Secure Message to see if Chase will credit the $10.

After that, he will remove the second card from his current login and set up a second.

Readers, please contribute your data points.

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5 years ago

I added both cards to the same account and activated the Whole Foods Offer as well as the Staples offer. I did not use either offer yet. After reading your experience, I removed one card and registered it to a separate account. Unfortunately, neither the Whole Foods or Staples offers showed up on the new account. Apparently, the offers were still tied together under my original account.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Jana

That is frustrating, hopefully when new offers come they will appear. Thanks for reporting.


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