Chai Digest January 26-February 1: restaurant photo acrobatics and the #2 gambling market in the US is brotherly

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Restuarants Turn Camera Shy explores when traditional comportment and ‘hey, look at me’ social media-ism clash. (NYT)

The Mystery of Curry is tasty. (Slate)

Ever heard of chinlone? Neither have the countries participating in the Myanmar-hosted SEA games, as the host stacks the competition with obscure sports only played within its borders:

Charoen Wattanasin, the vice president of the Thai National Olympic Committee, said in an interview that the SEA Game regulations allowed for 8 traditional sports but that Myanmar had put 14 on the roster.

“Nine out of the 14 are martial arts,” he said, struggling to describe them. “They are — well, I can’t even remember their names.” (NYT)

A high school game of ‘it’ spans the decades and the miles, with home invasions and people popping out of car trunks. (WSJ)

The highest deck of Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl TV Tower has reopened with an entry cost of RMB 220 (US$35.48). (Shanghai Daily) Or you can go to the Grand Hyatt in the nearby Jinmao Tower for free.

Canada banknote now features Norwegian leaf. (China National News)

The Middle Seat reviews the multitude of US airline add-on packages. (WSJ)

The Economist looks at Atlantic City’s struggle against increasing competition from Pennsylvania, now the second-largest gambling market in the US.

British Airways unveils tea and Air France unveils Hop. (Business Traveller)

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