KLM – why do the 747 arm rests only go up halfway?

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3 seats to myself in economy comfort on KLM, score! Now I’ll just put the arm rests up, lay down and, what the?!

The economy comfort arm rests on the KLM 747 only go up halfway. So much for stretching out. Don’t know if the regular economy seats are the same. What a pain and I can’t think of any other regular (non-exit row) seats on other airlines like this.

KLM arm rests

Stuck at 45°

I did try to lay down, not a good experience. Eventually I sat with my back to the wall and legs across the seats.

Takes the fun out of commandeering a bunch of seats on a flight.

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9 years ago

I’m sure that I’ve encountered this quite a few times. (the arm rests only going halfway up, not the three empty seats 🙂 ). We travel as a family of four, and my little girls would prefer to snuggle to sleep next to mommy and daddy, without an armrest in the way. Usually, not an option.
Is it possible that you are mostly used to premium cabins 😉

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  jamie

@jamie – I have had a number of arm rests that mostly go up but don’t sit quite flush, I just can’t remember any where they so intrusively stop at 45 degrees, I guess I don’t usually test, though. As for premium cabins, a factoid about me is that I have only ever redeemed an award for premium cabin once, to Easter Island, when I could not find any coach availability no matter what I did. I don’t particularly value the premium cabin experience, after a few times it becomes mundane and not worth it to me. I do have… Read more »

9 years ago

Probably to encourage paying for or upgrading to biz.

9 years ago

Similar on US Airways renovated A330 aircraft.