Canada’s Delta Hotels Slowly Joining Marriott Rewards

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Marriott has released an update on integration of Canada’s Delta Hotels into Marriott Rewards.

Marriott Rewards Delta Hotels

From June 18, Marriott Rewards members have been able to receive hotel benefits at Delta. These include full breakfast and lounge access for Marriott Gold and Platinum. See the benefits chart.

Earning and redeeming, however, will not begin until February 2016. See the integration FAQ.

Delta hotels are mid-level business hotels comparable to Marriotts. They also have several resorts. In all, they have 37 hotels across Canada, see map.

I have stayed at one in Toronto via a Priceline bid, and walked through the Charlottetown hotel. Both are serviceable, without flash.

Award redemption rates have yet to be released. If they are good, this is a good expansion to the relatively few major chain points hotels in Canada, especially outside the major cities.

Marriott continues to integrate Protea as well. Its South Africa properties have been online since February and numerous hotels across Africa are being added later in 2015, track updates here.

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