“Would You Like a Lemon Packet With That?”

My wife and I flew WestJet to Toronto for the US holiday weekend. Delta has outsourced all its NY LGA Toronto flights to WestJet, selling them as codeshares. There is mileage-earning, though no airport or flight benefits, so you go through regular security (no PreCheck for WestJet) and do not have priority seating or boarding with Delta status. Delta still operates Toronto flights from JFK.

WestJet serves complimentary beverages and cookies/pretzels. I asked for club soda and the chipper flight attendant asked, “Would you like a lemon packet with that?”

Yes, indeed, I was curious.

Here’s the packet.

Call me uncouth, I had never encountered a lemon packet. It does not appear to have lots of additives, and no sugar added. The taste is very strong; in the standard airplane cup it was too much. The packet says it is equal to one wedge, which you should take as if you wrung every drop out of a fresh wedge. It is called True Lemon made my True Citrus out of Baltimore.

I liked it enough that I want a few in my travel briefcase. Great way to liven up a beverage on the go and keep scurvy at bay.

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You appear to enjoy weekends in Canada often. What keeps bringing you back?
I have always found it expensive and complicated for what you get (especially out in the country); however it is nice to escape the US crowds on US holidays.


Just want to thank Rapid Travel Chai and the posters for all the great information. I just ordered a large box of packets on Amazon; they offer a 10% off coupon on the first order. Be aware that while the lemon is basically just lemon juice, the lime has sugar and soy in the ingredients.

Darth Chocolate

Been using this for years. Flavors are Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Grapefruit. Stay away from their “lemonades” – far too sweet. One packet in a 16 oz bottle of water and 2 Splendas makes a good lemonade.


They’re delicious and you can buy different flavors! All on Amazon. 🙂