Business Insider’s Meet the Greatest Mileage Runners: I am honored but don’t belong!

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Business Insider’s Meet the Greatest Mileage Runners did me the honor of inclusion among some true greats.

The things is, I have never done a pure mileage run. I have flown far, as far as Dubai for a weekend, but always in conjunction with a visit to a destination. I have no interest in going somewhere just to turn around and immediately fly back, and certainly not in US airports! I might fly out in 12 or 24 hours, but I will leave the airport and do something interesting. Airplane seats and airport lounges do not a memorable weekend make, for me.

Here is the piece on me, though one question that did not make the space cut I would like to include here:

Got any cool “travel hacks” to share with everyday consumers? 

People focus on airfare and hotels but rental cars is where a ton of money is wasted. In addition to Priceline, which guarantees one of the major rental agencies but cannot be changed/cancelled, Costco members can get extremely good rates through Costco Travel, and holders of Capital One credit cards with No Hassle Rewards can book car rentals, paid in cash, that often are even better. Rentals through Costco and Capital One can be changed/cancelled without penalty.

The article is a treat, in addition to great Boarding Area bloggers, it introduced me to Miles, Points, and Mai Tais, though it will be hard to break my martinis habit.

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10 years ago

It was an honor for me to mentioned as well, but I couldn’t help but feel the same way. Here I am the lowly Gold (soon to be Platinum though) among 1K’s and other top elites. I read all your blogs and look up to you other guys so much! Despite being a frequent flier for most of my life (I joined MileagePlus in 1986 and have been at least Premier since I did that run to PHX as a kid) mileage running is still kind of new for me as I find my way and my niche (somewhere between… Read more »