Business Insider features The Gates of Hell (and me)

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Business Insider has a piece and slideshow on The Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan and my 2009 trip there, Tour The Man-Made Crater That’s Been Burning For More Than 40 Years.

115,249 views in a day, amazing the traffic they bring in.

There is a worldwide fascination with the Gates of Hell / Door to Hell / Darvaza Gas Crater, an eternal flame to Soviet folly. If you are in the neighborhood, and few ever are, drop by and sleep by the camp fire. A sandstorm destroyed our tents and drove us away, but you may have a starry, starry night.

Gates of Hell 007

Gates of Hell 011

Gates of Hell 016

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Jimmy @TravelByPoints
9 years ago

Wonderful pictures and great news for the blog! Congratulations!

9 years ago

Fascinating, this is the first time I had heard of this.