Buses in Rio, confusing at first, but follow the icons

The goals were Sugarloaf and Christo Redentor. The obstacles were high taxi prices and a limited metro network.

Buses generally up the ante in confusion, and Rio at first is no exception, with a system in the main areas of BRS1/2/3 stops where buses only stop at 1 of 3 to keep things moving. We were surprised how generally well Rio traffic flows.

Those bus stops in the main tourist areas have handy route lists with icons of the well, iconic tourist sites of Rio. Hop on!

Brazil 148

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Let me know if you see any lifts or wheelchair users in the busses.

Rapid Travel Chai

@CaroleZoom – unfortunately I did not see any that are wheelchair accessible. All the buses have steep stairs and turnstiles by the ticket vendor that are quite difficult for anyone to navigate.


Expensive cabs? I have found Rio to have some of the cheapest cabs outside of India or Russia. Plus with the exchange rate from the Dollar (my assumption) it’s even cheaper! 🙂

Granted taking the bus is quite the adventure.

Rapid Travel Chai

@GB – I guess cost is all relative, but I have found Brazil, especially at current exchange rates, to be a rather expensive and low value for dollar destination, though I really enjoy it.


Guess I agree w/ GB. Unless you are going for the ultra-inexpensive plan, I’d go w/ the Taxi’s. Taxis are everywhere and reasonable. Just not worth the challenge for the bus, in my opinion.