Humidifier – the must-have Las Vegas accessory, and fierce competition

“A humidifier in every room” is a marketing line some Las Vegas hotel will eventually figure out to appeal to sleepless road warriors and repeat visitors. Vegas is dry enough without the hotels, particularly the massive casinos, keeping the rooms bone dry. I realize hotels do this to prevent mildew and such, though this is hardly a high-risk area. I, like many visitors, have trouble sleeping through the night here, even when I don’t have Johnny Deep peering at me in the dark.

With the CES crowds the competition for humidifiers is fierce, the hotels all have them, but do nothing to advertise them. It took me two days of repeated calling before claiming one that freed up.

When booking a room in Vegas it can’t hurt to put a request for a humidifier in, and then to call day of arrival, ask at check-in, etc.

Planet Hollywood 3

Oh yeah, that feels good.

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[…] recently kvetched about my 2-day battle to claim a humidifier at Planet Hollywood in Las […]


@Jailing: Thanks for the link

@joanek: Put a small wet towel in the bucket and place its end over the vent (small overlap). Wicking action will draw water that the fan will evaporate into the air. A typical ice bucket is good for a few hours (not overnight) but the air stays moist afterwards.


Wet towels over shower curtain help also

Rapid Travel Chai

@longroller – thanks for a great suggestion.


Jialing – I have the same travel humidifier and HIGHLY recommend it. For others that don’t know, it’s very small (for a humidifier) and comes with it’s own bag and you supply your own standard disposable water bottle. I usually use distilled water when I’m able to get a gallon from a local store (distilled water ensures that mineral deposits don’t form in the humidifier over time).


I also have a small humidifier that I take with me when I am going someplace that is likely to be dry, which in the wintertime can be virtually any hotel room with the heat on.


Hubby and I go to LV 2x a year off 5 days. 2 years ago, we discovered by accident the benefit for a humidifier, when I got LASIK and had to have a humidifier around for a month. Both of us felt so much better having it around in the room!

But last year I discovered a travel size humidifier that we love, it just uses any normal sized water bottle. I LOVE how compact it is, which means it can go anywhere in your carry on!

I recommend this item to everyone.


I don’t think it’s intentionally, it’s just incredibly dry in Las Vegas (indeed, in most places in Nevada and California). I didn’t realize just how dry it was in the Bay Area until I moved to Seattle. The air conditioning doesn’t help since almost all A/C technology supercools air to remove moisture before rewarming it to a tolerable temperature.

The Weekly Flyer

Great tip. Not something everyone would think to ask for. This is key in Vegas.

Pamela T

MN is pretty bone dry in the winter!!

Rapid Travel Chai

@Pamela T – yes, I meant to put in the post that I shouldn’t have issues!


I’m a speaker with many friends who are pro singers—here are a couple of tricks that can help if you aren’t able to find a humidifier.
If you are the type who takes a bath at night, don’t drain the tub. Leaving it filled adds a bit of moisture to the room. And if there’s an old style heating unit with a blowing fan under the window, fill up the ice bucket and put it nearby. If you’re there a couple of days, a vase of flowers can help!
And drink more water, too!

Rapid Travel Chai

@joanek – thanks for the great tips, I wish I had those last night.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Noah Kimmel – that is a concern, but I am desperate…

Noah Kimmel

given the maintenance requirements of a humidifier, do you think they are clean?



Last few times, there wasn’t one available so the alternative was the shower ala Gary. :-O