Boarding from the Front and Back – Turkey Does It Right

I flew Onur Air and Turkish Airlines on my brief stop in Turkey. My three flights boarded from bus gates, or at northern Cyprus’ Ercan (ECN), by walk-up. All boarded and deplaned like lighting from the front and back. Very slick!

Onur Air

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Linda T

A lot of smaller island airports such as GPS and IPS do, as well as small European airports such as EIN.


Virgin Australia boards from front and back on domestic flights in Australia as well. Everybody goes through the jetway but they open the door half way and people with seatrows in the back walk down the stairs of the jetway and enter via stairs at the back of the plane. Similar when deplaning.

Rapid Travel Chai

@KG – Ah yes, I do remember that from my earlier Australia trip last year, I really enjoyed flying them them.


That is the way with bus gates. A pain in the rain.

Sanjeev M

That’s how it is at most airports in India