Turkey’s Onur Air’s Traveller Assurance Program – Insurance I Paid For

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I generally eschew additional insurance for my travel beyond what my credit cards provide. When I stay within SkyTeam my Delta Diamond status usually resolves issues. When I passed through Turkey and on to northern Cyprus, I flew Onur Air and was offered their Traveller Assurance Program.

Onur Air Traveller Assurance Program

For 3.5 TL (USD 1.85) per segment, the following coverages are provided:



Passenger’s Missing the Scheduled Flight

Full ticket price refund

Cancellation of the Flight by the Passenger

Full ticket price refund

Cancellation of the Scheduled Flight by the Airliner

Full ticket price refund plus a  compensation of TL 150

Delayed Scheduled Flight (Delay)

TRL 50 compensation per hour of delay

Landing at another airport

Compensation of TL 50

I was coming in to Istanbul from the US the night before and had only had one day to make the trip to Ercan and back to Istanbul, so was happy to pay the fee. If one of my flights had cancelled the TL 150 compensation would have covered a good chunk of a last-minute ticket on competitors Atlasjet and Turkish.

Readers, what do you think? Good value? I would love if this were available on my regular airlines. Fat chance of that, though.

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9 years ago

Not even a question..

9 years ago

To pay two bucks for the absolute ability to cancel a flight and get a full refund, how can you go wrong. It’s a no-brainer!!!