3 Things I Love About Istanbul Airport

1. The security bin rollers system. So efficient! Yes, this is at many airports in Europe. The more the better.

IST Security Bins

Compare to my dreadful Montreal (YUL) US pre-clearance security screening this weekend where glacial Canadian staff insisted everything, even rollerboards, be placed in bins, constantly disrupting flow, and bins were never in sufficient supply.

2. Pre-flight newspaper for Turkish Airlines flyers. What a selection – even the major international papers.

IST Turkish Airlines Newspaper Stand

3. Chauffeured motorized wheelchairs. The drivers zip up and down narrow, dedicated lanes. They can only take one person at a time but are fast and do not disrupt the entire hallway like the land boats common in US airports.

IST Motorized Wheelchair 1

IST Motorized Wheelchair 2

Readers, what are some airport features you wish your home airport would adopt?

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8 Comments on "3 Things I Love About Istanbul Airport"

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Istanbul also has the best lounge I’ve ever been in!

Rapid Travel Chai

@Conner – it did look nice…from the outside. My Priority Pass Select card was in the mail and did not arrive in time for me to try it.


Agree! The best lounge I’ve visited yet!

Pamela T

Yes, the Star Alliance lounge is fabulous.


Don’t get me started about Montreal airport security. On our last flight out of there everyone had to stand in line to put their bags though the oversized luggage line because the bag intake stations behind the check in counters were closed. They were so disorganized that they added an extra hour to the check-in process. After we got done with that fiasco we still had to go through security, and US immigration.

And do they have to scan your boarding pass with those little gun readers every 100 feet?

Rapid Travel Chai

@guera – I am debating about a rant post, was holding back because did not want to judge based on one experience even though so clearly standard operating procedure. Even with Global Entry the US CBP makes you stand in line to see an agent to be verified. We tried to just walk through because no one was doing anything and were scolded, “There is a sign, you need to wait. Every airport is different.” To which I said, “And this is the worst.”

Tracy T.

My friend and I flew through IST back in February and we both commented on the brilliance of the bin rollers. Wish more airports installed those.


Stefan do your rant post on Montreal, I’ll supply my two cents experience to the pot, gladly.

Regarding IST, I was there last month and ised that airport 4 times. I was NOT fast enough to snap a picture of those cool motorized chauffeured wheelchairs, but boy they’re awesome. Should be implemented on ALL major airports especially LHR, T1 & T3. And the TK Lounge, was definitely the best lounge I’ve been in quite awhile, for the amenities and their FOOD. It was simply amazing, it puts UA Club to shame.