BOA Virgin Atlantic Card Rental Car CDW Now Worlwide

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The Bank of America Virgin Atlantic credit card was recently converted from American Express to MasterCard, affecting all new and existing cardholders.

Much stays the same with the card, and unfortunately there still is a 3% foreign exchange fee, however, the rental car CDW is now worldwide with no country exclusions.

From the terms:

Where you are covered:

Coverage is available worldwide.

Coverage is not available in countries where:

  • This EOC is prohibited by that country’s law; or
  • The terms of the EOC are in conflict with the laws of that country.

EOC is Evidence of Coverage and the rental agencies in countries commonly excluded from US cards (Ireland, Israel, Italy and a few others) may insist on a formal certificate of coverage. If planning to use this benefit in those countries, contact BOA or the claims administrator at 800-678-0768 to get a certificate. Expect the runaround.

Citi’s ThankYou cards provide similar coverage and they provide that certificate on demand. I have heard reports that even with such a certificate, some rental agencies in Israel still insist on buying their own CDW. It is accepted in Ireland.

Several popular Chase cards have added similar coverage effective 11/1/13 and do not have foreign transaction fees so are a better option for holders of those cards. Check the new hardcopy terms in the mail to verify your card is covered.

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Narayana S
Narayana S
10 years ago

Will the Citi Thank you insurance work in Mexico? Is it worth it?

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  Narayana S

@Narayana S – I am not aware of any card that excludes Mexico so it works for CDW, however Mexico has mandatory liability insurance which no card covers and you purchase from the agency, sometimes it is included in the quoted rate, sometimes not, so check all the rental details.