BOA Hawaiian Airlines Business Card Conversion…to BOA

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Continuing with the Hawaiian Airlines them this week, let’s take a look at the fate of Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines Business Card. I previously reported that the new cards are issued by Barclaycard, and there are three cards in total (now 4) between Barclaycard and Bank of Hawaii branding.

Holders of Bank of America or Bank of Hawaii-branded personal cards are being transitioned on April 28 to new cards continuing the same benefits. It may make sense try to get the new ones prior conversion to collect another sign-up bonus. I had already canceled my most recent versions of both when the annual fees hit last year, and Barclaycard is not approving me for anything so I won’t try until 2015.

Holders of the Bank of America-branded business card have a different fate. I received a letter from Bank of America advising that my current card will continue through close of my April statement. At that point the card will be converted to a Bank of America Travel Rewards for Business Card, which has no annual fee.

The key points:

  • Any paid annual fee will be prorated to April and refunded.
  • 2,000 mile anniversary bonuses will be award for anniversaries through April billing cycle.
  • All Hawaiian Airlines card benefits and certificates must be used before April 30.
  • 5,000 point bonus after first purchase on the new card.

It so happens that I had canceled my card due to the annual fee when these letters were sent and both notices arrived the same day. Out of curiousity I contacted BOA about re-opening my account. I found a knowledgeable guy in business lending that could re-open the account but it would require a credit pull, so I declined. The 5,000 points would be partly offset by the 4 months of prorated annual fee I would have to pay. The Travel Rewards for business card is ok at 1.5 points/dollar with no annual fee however I don’t need it.

For reference, here are the links, (updated with all 3 current cards as of August 1, 2014):

Disclaimer: I receive compensation for the Barclaycard-branded cards but not the Bank of Hawaii-branded cards. I have never flown Hawaiian Airlines or figured out what to do with my current stash of HawaiianMiles. I have been to Hawaii once for two days, visiting Pearl Harbor and Punch Bowl while my wife was stuck in client meetings.

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