There Are 3 New Hawaiian Airlines Credit Cards, Not 2, Can You Get Them All?

Thanks to alert reader Keola for pointing out on my post yesterday about the new Hawaiian Airlines credit cards that there are actually two versions of the personal cards, as there were before.

Barclaycard Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Barclaycard Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Under Bank of America there were two versions of the personal card, one branded as Bank of America, one branded as Bank of Hawaii (issued by FIA Card Services, part of Bank of America). The business card only came in one flavor, branded as Bank of America. It was quite easy to get all 3, repeatedly. Those have all been discontinued for new applications and are being phased out for existing cardholders.

I mistakenly thought that the personal cards had been combined into one offer branded under Bank of Hawaii. The Hawaiian Airlines website only shows one card with card art showing the Bank of Hawaii logo. Clicking the application link, though, leads to page without Bank of Hawaii branding. The Barclaycard website now has the card and links to which also does not have the Bank of Hawaii branding. Reader Keola already applied for and recieved this card, confirming there is no Bank of Hawaii branding.

The Bank of Hawaii version can be found on the Bank of Hawaii website, and is now also issued by Barclaycard.

The business card has only one version that I have found, with Bank of Hawaii branding. Even the Barclaycard website links to it. (Update: there is now a Bank of Hawaii-branded business card, see here.)

What is the card strategy going forward? I don’t know. I have seen no reports yet of people attempting to get both personal cards. Barclaycard approvals have become tough for many, and there are no reports of if they recognize the two personal cards as separate products or if they will approve both at the same time or for people who already have the other. Or if they will evaluate applications for the Bank of Hawaii card differently than the Barclaycard one.  Keola and others will have to try and report.

For those with existing BOA/BOH personal cards. The cards are being converted on April 28. The announcement and FAQ are not specific if the old Bank of Hawaii cards will still have that branding when converted however that seems likely since the conversion terms specify that those cards can still be paid at Bank of Hawaii branches. It may be a good time to try for one or both before conversion for those who want to double up on the bonuses and/or the card benefits.

For those with an existing BOA business card. That will be converted in April to a Bank of America Travel Rewards for Business Card so no need to rush for the new card. More on that in the next post.

For reference, here are the links, (updated with all 3 current cards as of August 1, 2014):

Disclaimer: I receive compensation for the Barclaycard-branded cards but not the Bank of Hawaii-branded cards. I have never flown Hawaiian Airlines or figured out what to do with my current stash of HawaiianMiles. I have been to Hawaii once for two days, visiting Pearl Harbor and Punch Bowl while my wife was stuck in client meetings.

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  • Carl P

    I chose to close the BOA Hawaiian Airlines card and get my recent annual fee waived/refunded, rather than have it switch over.

    I applied for the Barclay’s HA card and it is under review. I’m not sure how that will go since I just got the Arrival in November 2013 (instant approval on that one). I also have US AIr with them.

  • Keola

    Well, I just tried applying for the Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Miles card and it is under review. I navigated to the “check status” area and it says that they are unable to approve me at this time and that they are mailing me with the reason(s) why. I just applied for the Barclay Hawaiian Miles card on January 2nd so I have a feeling that is why I didn’t get approved. In any case, I’ll call them on Monday and see if I can sway them to approve me. I’ll keep you up to date!

  • @Keola – good luck, they are very tough and by most reports repeated calls don’t help overturn a no because the agents keep notes and don’t like multiple calls. Try for a supervisor on the first call if the initial agent doesn’t approve.

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  • Keola

    GREAT NEWS! I called today and got them to approve me for my second card! They transferred some of my available credit to the new card and told me to call back and cancel the old card when the new card comes in. They were very polite and helpful. I’ll post again after I make the minimum spending requirement and my miles post.

  • @Keola – that is very impressive, I have heard few examples of Barclayard approving on reconsideration and none for my attempts.

  • Keola

    Do you know what Barclay’s policy is on churning cards? I was thinking of canceling 2 of the 3 Hawaiian Miles cards I will have after BOA card converts to Barclay card in April. After that happens, I was going to apply for another card in a few months after that to get the bonus again.

    Please let me know.



  • @Keola – the policy seems very uneven. I canceled my Virgin America before it converted to Arrival so I could have a better shot at Arrival later. If the benefits of the converted cards are worth less to you that a new sign-up bonus, they canceling may be a good idea. That said, don’t assume Barclays will keep approving. Finally, most reports of multiples of the same Barclays cards are the US Airways card, of which I have two, because until recently that was about the only worthwhile card they had. Recent reports have included some denials on getting a 2nd or 3rd or more of those.

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