The New Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines Cards Are Really Barclaycards (and May Rescue Orphan Business Accounts)

Update: As reader Keola posted in the comments, there are two versions of the personal card, made confusing because the Hawaiian Airlines website uses the Bank of Hawaii card art but links to the non-Bank of Hawaii version. The non-Bank of Hawaii personal card can be found at the Barclaycard website or Hawaiian Airlines website. I have not found any reports yet of applicants approved for both personal cards.

Hawaiian Airlines recently moved its credit card relationship from Bank of America to Barclaycard. Not good news for those of us having trouble getting new cards from Barclaycard and also one less Hawaiian Airlines card available to get.

Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Under Bank of America there were two versions of the personal card, one branded as Bank of America, one branded as Bank of Hawaii (issued by FIA Card Services, part of Bank of America). The business card only came in one flavor, branded as Bank of America. It was quite easy to get all 3, repeatedly. Those have all been discontinued for new applications and are being phased out for existing cardholders.

The new personal and business cards are branded as Bank of Hawaii and issued by Barclaycard. There are no cards directly branded as Barclaycard. Barclaycard is only identified in the fine print.

For reference, here are the links, (updated with all 3 current cards as of August 1, 2014):

This is a new opportunity to collect sign-up bonuses, though BOA was generous with multiple cards anyway. The downside is existing Hawaiian cardholders are losing their cards and need to try for Barclaycard approvals to continue with the essentially similar benefits of their prior cards.

For those applying for a business card, note that with the old card even putting in an existing HawaiianMiles number did not prevent creation of a separate business HawaiianMiles account that could not be merged with a personal and did not enjoy the miles transfer benefits given to personal cardholders. The new business card advertises this as a benefit, good news if it works:

+ ShareMiles[2] allows you to receive HawaiianMiles from family and friends online

Hawaiian Airlines Business MasterCard cardholders can receive HawaiianMiles from friends and family online at Click here for full Terms and Conditions.
The footnote leads to the full terms:

HawaiianMiles ShareMiles

As a Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard Primary Cardmember, you can receive HawaiianMiles from friends and family online at

You must have a current email address on file within your HawaiianMiles account to receive HawaiianMiles transferred with the ShareMiles program.Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard Cardmembers may receive HawaiianMiles transferred from friends and family up to a maximum of ten (10) times per calendar year.The HawaiianMiles transferer must be a current HawaiianMiles account holder and may perform an unlimited amount of transfer transactions using the ShareMiles program.There are no transaction fees for HawaiianMiles transfers, no charges per mile, or no minimum or maximum number of HawaiianMiles transferred for cardmembers.Full terms and conditions for the sharing of HawaiianMiles are available at

I would like to get the business card to combine my personal and business HawaiianMiles accounts from the old cards but I need to give my Barclayscard apps a long rest after repeatedly failing over the past year.

Disclaimer: I receive compensation for the Barclaycard-branded cards but not the Bank of Hawaii-branded cards.

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  • PedroNY

    Business card is steep spending requirement to even get first 20,000 miles. Not sure if it worth a credit pull.



  • @PedroNY – the marketing is a little confusing. 35,000 miles is after first purchase. The 20k/40k are annual spend thresholds of $50k/$100k which I agree are really steep.

  • Keola

    How’s it going? First time posting here and love the site. I recently (January 2, 2014) applied for the Barclay Hawaiian Miles Card. I was approved and it was my first card with Barclay. I wanted to apply for the new “Bank of Hawaii” Hawaiian Miles card and wanted your take on it. Being that it is also Barclay should I wait a few months before applying or should I go for it now?

    I received an email (and it’s also posted on that our BOA cards will be automatically transferred to the new Barclay HM card in April. No re-applying needed. With that information I feel that I should apply for the BOH HM card before the switch as I will have 2 Barclay HM card when the merge is complete in April.

    What do you think? Your insight is greatly appreciated!



  • @Keola – I may be wrong but I believe the only personal card now offered is branded Bank of Hawaii but issued by Barclaycard. Does you card have the BOH logo in the upper right? If it is does you would be applying for a second of the same card and Barclaycard has gotten much tougher at that, especially so close. After the conversion you will have two cards and if the benefits of each justify the annual fee of each, then might as well keep them.

    I didn’t realize personal BOA is converting to the new BOH/Barclaycard because I only currently have the business BOA and that is being converted to a BOA Travel Rewards for Business Card.

  • Keola

    Hey RTC,

    No, my Barclay HM card does not have the “Bank of Hawaii” brand on it. If you go to the Barclay website and apply for the HM card, their picture of the HM card does not have the “Bank of Hawaii” logo on it. I got a little excited when the BOH HM card application came out because I hoped I could get both bonuses. Yesterday when I went to the site to apply for the BOH HM card the application was first routed to barclay then rerouted to Bank of Hawaii. I tried going on today and it just goes to the Barclay site for the application.

    I definitely won’t keep both Barclay cards. If my credit history (length of time opened) for the transferred card sticks, I will keep that one. I wanted to apply for the BOH for the bonus as we only fly Hawaiian (living in Hawaii makes it worth it for us).



  • guera

    Re: Barclay cards. I signed up for the Barclay Priceline Reward Visa about 2 years ago. I use it sporadically, ie, when I am not trying to meet the minimum spend on another CC. About 2 months ago, I applied for the US Airways Card. I was denied–the reason given was that I already had “sufficient credit.” This is the ONLY denial I have had since 2010.

  • @Keola – thanks for this, now I found it. I see that my browser was at an older, cached version of the page for Barclays. And the Hawaiian Airlines website links to the Barclays offer, but the card art they use are the BOH cards.

  • Keola

    I’ll apply for the BOH HM card after the bonus posts to my HM account and I’ll let you know how it goes! The card art on the Barclay website and the Bank of Hawaii website are different so that will be my main point. “I want the Bank of Hawaii card”.

  • @Keola – so going back to your original question, if BOA history is any example, the BOH card always was a distinct product that people could get in addition to the BOA card. When the conversion in April happens you will end up with 2 Barclaycard-branded but no BOH. I would not think there is a need to rush to get the BOH card but if you want I would try in April when 90 days have past from your prior app. If you are already applying for a lot of cards with Barclays or other you may have difficulty and we have no reports yet of if it is any different when trying for the new BOH cards. If you do try, please report your experience.

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  • Luisa

    Hi, I want to apply for the Hawaiian Miles Mastercard but I’m scared that I won’t get approved and that it will ding off points on my credit score (which I’m trying so hard to build up right now). I was hoping to find out what it takes to be approved for this card.

  • @Luisa – Barclays has gotten quite tight in the past year plus, so don’t go by old sources. If you have a lot of accounts/credit with them, have applied for their or other cards recently you may have issues. See this post for more details and its comments for additional experiences.

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