Black Friday: The Economist for $44.99 and More Big Magazine Deals

Check out our Top Rewards Cards to boost your points earning and travel more! has a big Black Friday sale. Act quickly if you want something: there is no posted end date, offers tend to change without notice (this offer briefly appeared a few days ago, then vanished).

DiscountMags Black Friday 2019

The headline of this sale is The Economist print or digital for $44.99, or $64.99 for both. This is a huge saving over rates elsewhere and among the lowest ever at, which usually does not heavily discount print and digital together. Highly recommend for those serious about learning and thinking about the world. If I could subscribe to only one publication, this is it.

DiscountMags Black Friday 2019 The Economist

Print is Good

Fortunately, I can subscribe to many publications. I proudly support print. My discovery, attention, comprehension, and retention are much higher for print than digital.

Last year I tried several new publications. For some, like Alaska Magazine and Backpacker, one year was enough to expose me to something new and then move on. Others, like Current World Archaeology, I am happy to renew.

This year I am trying a variety of publications to keep a swirl of ideas around me, such as the libertarian magazine Reason. Texas Monthly is one I am trying because I’ve seen in-depth stories from them that remind me of Harper’s.

Legit Magazine Subscriptions?

For several years I have juggled subscriptions at and Both are legitimate services and I’ve had no problems. I get various magazines this way, plus Barron’s and Wall Street Journal.

I may try for a Financial Times digital subscription, to go with my Black Friday $99 FT print subscription. has auto-renewal that you need to pay attention to. The positive view is that when you call to cancel you often get $2/year extensions.

DiscountLock to Lock in Savings you can choose DiscountLock or opt-out.

DiscountMags DiscountLock

If you opt-out, there is no auto-renewal.

If you opt-in, you get the same rate for future renewals. You get DiscountLock email notices well in advance of any charges. At any time you can log in to your account to cancel upcoming DiscountLock renewals. I always opt in to secure the rate, then decide later if I want to keep it.

Multi-Year Offers

Some magazines that have multi-year options have a way to save a bit more.

Add 1 year to your shopping cart.

Go to checkout and you may get an offer to get 2 years at a discount to the original multi-year offer. The new rate becomes your future DiscountLock rate, too.

DiscountMags Save More with 2 Years

Earn Points and Save $? has it set that you can either earn lots of miles or points via rebate portals or save on sales like this. If you try to get both, you’ll get stopped at screens like this:

DiscountMags Points Warning

Perhaps tech-savvy people know ways to get both with methods that probably would cross my ethical line. I prefer to play it fair. The cash discounts on these sales are consistently worth more to me than the miles I would earn. Double-check for yourself as portal earnings are regularly 20x.

Deals for Ideas

Exposure to new ideas and new subjects is the kind of Black Friday deal I value all year long.

Readers, what will you subscribe to?

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3 years ago

Hopefully this works with my existing print subscription to the Economist and will now give me digital too! My print subscription doesn’t even expire until 4/2021. I love the Economist. I actually first started subscribing back when it was possible to get a yearly subscription with miles, and it was a serious bargain back then.

3 years ago

This is great, thank you for posting. My subscription is not even up yet but I just locked in three years of digital for $120. I’ve read for years and never seen digital for this good of a price – sometimes print has been this cheap, but I prefer digital. Interestingly, the sale blocked points/miles tracking which I hadn’t seen before. I was excited to get 20 Alaska miles per dollar, but this is price is good enough on it’s own.

3 years ago

I used to use miles to subscribe to magazines. Would either not get them or get them for only a few issues.

That milesformags is the most criminal enterprise ever.

3 years ago

thanks so much for posting this! just got my year of economist digital!