Best New Manufactured Spend Blog of 2017

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2017 saw a toughening mainstream manufactured spend environment, yet ‘heavy hitters’ rolled along. I know I am not finding ways to do things easy enough when I meet people who find it worth their time to even MS on 2% cards like Citi Double Cash. For me, a quarterly 5x categories are a grind.

Few big MS-ers talk much publicly. Exposure kills deals, no way to deny it. Secretive forums have transitioned to secretive Slack channels. Fewer blogs cover MS, instead turning to ‘deals’ and reselling.

‘Deals’ too often are a waste of time for too little benefit unless in a position to scale them. They are easy to blog and get the clicks.

Reselling is a real business to manage, and I am not interested.

A New Must-Read

Million Mile Guy

One new blog voice in 2017 stands out: Million Mile Guy.

Jeff is a big MS-er and a thoughtful guy. He’s a lover of books and while I often don’t share his politics, I respect that he coherently speaks out on political topics.

Big MS-ers focus on depth, not breadth, finding an efficient deal and routine, then hitting it mercilessly. Jeff’s pieces force you to think about benefits and costs.

Here are 10 favorite Million Mile Guy posts:

Jeff has also launched podcast interviews that range from points to shark diving.

Readers, what new manufactured spend blogs in 2017 became your must-reads?

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4 years ago

Million Mile Guy is an excellent post.
I know the prevalent thinking is too much exposure, or too many new people kill deals but I am of the belief that “pigs” kill deals as well. Yet, because they are experience players, bloggers etc and maybe friends of bloggers no one holds them accountable or of they do I have not read much of those blogs. Of course let us not forget to the “go along to get along” philosophy.


[…] Rapid Travel Chai recommends the Million Mile Guy about MS. Hmm, I had never heard of it so I added it to my too long Feedly list. Wait! I went to add the feed to Feedly and it did not come up and then these were suggested, seriously? Never mind then… […]