But I Did All Those Post Office Surveys…the End of USPS Money Orders

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While I was out on the road for the later half of October reports appeared a memo to USPS employees to not accept gift cards as payment for money orders. Soon after, payment terminals were hardcoded to block these payments.

In my former residence in NJ I had two convenient post offices, each with friendly staff.

Now in Seattle, the post offices are less convenient to my location, though no less friendly. In contrast, many other liquidation possibilities in the greater Seattle area are not as chill as the Pacific Northwest vibe implies. This is anecdotally blamed on people MS-ing to exteme levels. Taking up an hour of the customer service desk associate’s time to run $50k/day is liable to do that. Seattle stores tend to be minimally staffed, with customer service desks only running a few hours a day and often with only one associate.

I came to appreciate post office employees’ ability to trudge through all kinds of transactions and deal with even the most confused customers.

I visited post offices from time to time to help with specific spend bonuses. I went at slow times. I had the paperwork pre-prepared. I dialed down the amounts if particularly busy. I was chipper and accommodating. I always filled out the surveys giving top marks.

I am sad to see the post office liquidation method go. I gained an appreciation for a place I once disdained.

US Postal Service Customer Experience Questionnaire

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5 years ago

Not like your good experience, USPS in NYC are not great. Most of employees I interacted with are super slow and grumpy. For the money they get paid, they should’ve done a much better job

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Shaanon

With so many NY-ers not willing to hop on the PATH, Jersey City used to be a nice MS spots, and still is for some.