Andaman Islands: Port Blair Cellular Jail and 20 Rupee Note Mt Harriet

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Port Blair feels nothing like a tropical island town. Standing in its center feels like any other tumultuous Indian city. The prison is a relaxing gem.

Built in the opening of the 20th-century, the 698 cells of the British Cellular Jail radiate out from a central tower. Many Indian political prisoners suffered in the brutal conditions and it is a now a solemn memorial.

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Little else in Port Blair draws attention of the tourist. The Anthropological Museum is weak.

A better alternative is chartering a taxi to Mt. Harriet via the Bamboo Flat Ferry. A stop at the Forest Museum & Chatham Saw Mill by the ferry is possible. The ferry is a kaleidoscopic experience. Mt. Harriett is known for its bay and lighthouse, featured on the 20 rupee note. The park itself has muddy trails with few views beyond think jungle.

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Port Blair and Mt Harriet are good options to fill in travel days since all flights are daytime, leaving awkward, spare half-days.

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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@NYBanker – if I wanted a suite, I could stay in my apartment. 🙂

9 years ago

So true . . . NYC apartments are about that size pretty much.

9 years ago

An interesting read. Thanks for taking the time to share. It is nice to see reports where the highlight is something other than a room upgrade at the Hyatt Regency.

Sean M.
Sean M.
9 years ago

I visited Port Blair and the Andamans almost 20 years ago in October 1993 (back when the only flights were 3x weekly IC 732s from CCU that you needed to book months in advance). Doesn’t look like it has changed one bit since then!