Amex Hilton Surpass 75k Upgrade with No ‘Once Per Lifetime’ Language [Targeted]

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Hilton has started a new blitz of credit card offers for its Amex and Citi cards ranging from 75,000-100,000 points.

The problem for many of us is that they include the Amex ‘once per lifetime’ or Citi 24-month exclusion.

I noticed in my Amex account an offer to upgrade my no annual fee Hilton to the Hilton Surpass for 75,000 points…and no ‘once per lifetime’ exclusion!

Disclaimer: I am not an Amex marketing affiliate, any application you make through the following steps will not provide me any compensation from Amex.

Where to find the 75k upgrade offer:

1. Check your card offers on the main account page:

Amex Surpass 75k Amex Offers

2. Check the sidebar menu (accessed by clicking the upper left ‘Menu’ button) and click on ‘View All Personal Charge & Credit Cards.’

Amex Cards Menu

Scroll down to see the offer. If it is 75k, click the terms to verify the bonus language.

Warning: do not click ‘View Card Details,’ that will redirect you to the 50k offer and you’ll need to start over. Only click ‘Request an Upgrade.’

If it is 50k, you are not targeted.

Amex Surpass 75k Upgrade Landing Screen

Depending how you click around, you might end up at this alternate screen for the 75k offer, which has the same terms and you are good to go :

Amex Surpass 75k Upgrade Landing Screen Alternate

3. You can try the direct application link, though in tests it does not appear to work unless you are targeted.

Offer Terms

75,000 points for $3,000 spend in first 3 months.

$75 annual fee prorated based on account anniversary.

You can later downgrade back to the no annual fee card should you not need the Surpass long-term.

The offer terms are here:

Amex Surpass 75k Upgrade Offer Terms

You can get 75,000 Hilton HHonors™ Bonus Points after you spend $3,000 on purchases on your Card in your first 3 months of Card Membership starting from the date your account is approved. In rare instances, your period to spend $3,000 may be shorter than 3 months if there is a delay in receiving your Card…

Good luck! Readers, share your data points on if you are targeted.

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Mani Suresh
Mani Suresh
5 years ago

I upgraded using this link and amex denies such an offer existing and have denied to give me my bonus points. I think amex days are over.

Nick @ Personal Finance Digest

Not targeted. I’ve done the downgrade-upgrade cycle once before (in late 2015) and I’ve been holding on to the no-fee card hoping to get it again due to the once-per-lifetime bonus policy.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

SPG offer now has me sitting at 5 Amex credit cards and wanting a 6th. I don’t want to close any, my 2 Delta Platinums and 2 Delta Golds have had an extended life with refer-a-friend offers. Now Hilton has life in it again. And I still need an EveryDay to have and to keep.


[…] Amex Hilton Surpass 75k Upgrade with No ‘Once Per Lifetime’ Language [Targeted] by Rapid Travel Chai. Keep an eye out for this offer, F.A.Q about upgrade offers can be found here. […]

5 years ago

I don’t have a Hilton card through Amex, but I do have a PRG and a couple business cards (Delta and Starwood). When I look at the Surpass card, it says a 75k bonus, so apparently it’s not only for upgrades.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Ryan

If you haven’t had the card before, I believe there is currently a 100k offer for the Surpass that is the highest I have seen, so if you are in the market, it can make sense…or get the no annual fee for 75k and upgrade to Surpass later for 50-75k.

5 years ago

100k is a great bonus! I might get that as my next card in a couple months. I’m trying to not poke the Barclaycard bear too much and get an AA on my Arrival+ 😉