Anniversary of the American Civil War

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April 12 marks the anniversary of the start of the American Civil War, a conflict of issues unresolved this 154 years later. Just last month the US Supreme Court heard a case about vanity license plates, the plate in question a Texas plate with a Sons of Confederate Veterans logo.

In 2011 The Economist compiled this gallery of exquisite images of the war, accompanied by period music, closing with one of my two favorite songs.

There are many resources for the traveler keen to explore America and the history of the period, some are:

I confess I have visited few, my US explorations have been deferred as I have circled the world. It is time to look home.

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James K.
James K.
7 years ago

Since the two biggest issues in the conflict were
A) Slavery and
B) The lack of industry in the South compared to the North

I think we’ve resolved them, yes