Chai Digest: Flying Over the Pacific and Catching Up

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3 weeks on the road I woke up over the Aleutian Islands on the way back to NY and decided to try United WiFi for $16.99 for the remaining 8 hours of my HKG-EWR flight. 3 weeks of news to catch up and no Great Firewall to slow me down.



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7 years ago

TripAdvisor is OK – I agree there are potential pitfalls in using it as you do not know how well traveled are the people posting but let’s face it – I have had bad information dolled out to me even by travel experts…
I like the TripAdvisor and both post on it as well as use it — and yes, I do travel often along the proverbial off the beaten track…

7 years ago

Enjoyed the article about tripadvisor. I put using tripadvisor and guidebooks in the same category–necessary evils. I don’t use either for hotel or restaurant recommendations, because their recommendations are usually too gringo-ized and expensive for me. When I see the tripadvisor owl decal in the entryway of a hotel or restaurant it is a little bit of a turn-off for me. You can get some good suggestions from people about local wines to try, or how to get from the airport into the city, but usually only if you are going to the most mainstream destination. And sometimes you get… Read more »