#AirFranceExpo in NYC – Macaroons and Protestors

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I approached 22nd St & 11th Ave in Manhattan thinking I would soon fall off the edge of the island. The glimpse of protestors ringed around burly bouncers in dark suits signaled the location of the Air France Expo, running through June 28 in New York City, see event details here.

Air France Expo 04

The protestors were focused on shipping of primates for scientific testing. I doubt the organizers were happy at their presence, despite adding a layer of authenticity to the French experience.

Air France Expo 13

The Expo closes at 5 pm to make way for invite-only evening events. I was running late for the advertised 4-5 pm Champagne & Ladurée macaron bar, which had been trimmed to 4-4:45 pm. Fashionable people had made the trek out and the 4th floor lounge had a nice vibe.

Air France Expo 02

Air France Expo 01

I then went through the 2nd and 3rd floor exhibition. There is a central area with a coloring game for children, then it proceeds through exhibition rooms of the new economy, premium economy, business and first class seats, interspersed with glimpses of glamor of the past and focuses on food and uniforms. There are some really creative rooms such as a room of shimmering lights.

Air France Expo 19

Air France Expo 10

The new seats in all classes of service look great. Premium economy is more than just extra leg room. Business is the superb seat found on the Delta 747. First class looks like first class. Air France has really lagged behind in all classes so these belated upgrades can’t happen fast enough. I last flew them on the barebones Réunion-Paris Orly 11-hour flight in economy and the only non-generic touch was a bottle of a local liqueur.

Air France Expo 05

Air France Expo 08

Air France Expo 14

Air France Expo 16

What seemed missing, other than a room where you blow a sensor and the screen randomly selects a city as your destination, is any sense of where Air France flies. Destinations throughout the Francophone world like Réunion should be part of the allure of Air France.

The companion app is required to enter free ticket giveaways. To be eligible for the grand prize of 2 business class tickets you need to complete the 8 badges from among the 7 exhibits and 3 activities. The exhibits are easy: Bluetooth activates when you enter the exhibit, then in each room you enter the 4 digit code on the wall. The activities are a bit confusing. The photo activity is completed with the photo button on the bottom of the app. The sharing activity is not completed by the share button in the bottom right, rather you need to go to the page for a specific exhibit and share one of the tiles. The coloring book task requires you to go to the kids area on the phone, then pull up a tile that let’s you scan a completed picture. I had thought it was accessed by the button in the bottom left of the app, and maybe it does, though for me all it did was crash the app. Already staff in the main exhibit hall were used to helping confused visitors with the app. Easiest to visit the 7 rooms and share a picture for the necessary 8.

The event is a slick experience. Nice to see airlines trying new things and doing something fun for customers.

Air France Expo 03

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8 years ago

Interesting expo! I recently flew AirFrance for the first time (economy, VCE-CDG-IAD) and was pleasantly surprised by the airline. I expected another run-of-the-mill flight, but found interesting IFE, a comfortable seat, edible meals, good service, and liked that even coach flyers were offered champagne as an aperitif.

8 years ago

I just went this afternoon and enjoyed the experience. When I saw the Air France concorde, none of the employees knew the USS Intrepid has the real AF Concorde on display. Given that app was confusing for the 3 additional badges, i bet it will be easier to win the 2 business class seats. Smart of you to start your tour at the macarons/champagne floor. Friends came late and by 4:30pm that champagne/macarons event was pretty much over. As far as destinations, i felt they mainly focused on nyc, Paris, and Shanghai. No mention of Reunion, Tahiti, Madagascar, or any… Read more »