Air France Expo NYC June 26-28 (Free)

Air France Expo will be held in NY on June 26-28. This follows a prior stop in Shanghai and upcoming stop in Paris, Sep 20-21.

Air France Expo NYC

From the organizers:

To unveil its new cabins, Air France has created an unprecedented exhibition, conceived as a journey within the new Air France universe, where real and virtual experiences interweave around events and entertainment.

Visitors will enjoy a multitude of activities for both children and adults.
But the best part is that by coming to the exhibition, you will be able to participate in a sweepstakes for a chance to win Air France tickets to Paris!

The details:

  • Admission is free
  • 548 West 22nd St, New York, NY 10011 (at 11th Ave)
  • June 25 is by invitation only
  • June 26-28 open to the public 11 am – 5pm, no ticket required
  • Program is here, I will be there June 26 at 4 pm – 5 pm for the Champagne & Ladurée macaron bar
  • Website is here

Download the companion app to go with the exhibition and enter the contest for Air France tickets.

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  • Rob

    So how do I get invited?

  • @Rob – June 25 is the only “by invite” day and I don’t know how to get invited. June 26-28 are free to the public with no advance reservation needed, I will update the post to be more clear.

  • That is a very good looking website!

  • Joey

    I got the email too but no invite for June 25th. Please let us know what you think of the expo. I’d go on the 26th but sadly have meetings to go to all afternoon. I plan to stop by on Friday the 27th.

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