Extending Air Canada Aeroplan 12-Month Activity Expiration With Canada Gas Fill-Ups

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Air Canada’s Aeroplan has a 12-month expiration policy for non-activity. Earning or redeeming miles resets the clock. US partners include:

  • Crediting qualifying Star Alliance flights to Aeroplan
  • Redeeming miles for flights, donations, merchandise, etc
  • Crediting Avis rentals to Aeroplan
  • Crediting Fairmont stays to Aeroplan
  • Transfers from Amex Membership Rewards (minimum 1,000 miles)
  • Holding the TD Bank Aeroplan Visa
  • Shopping at Bentley
  • Many more partners in Canada

The Aeroplan Blog lays out the expiration policy and lists more ideas.

Most of these involve a trade-off. Credit a flight to Aeroplan means not crediting it somewhere else that may be more useful to you.

I prefer a method with no trade-off, one where I earn by doing something I would have done anyway and would not have other kinds of earn.

If you are visiting Canada or have a willing friend there, at Esso gas stations you earn 1 mile for CA$3 spend on regular gas and convenience store items (and 2 miles for CA$3 on Extra Grade and 3 miles for CA$3 on Supreme Grade). Gas prices are pretty much the same across area gas stations so shopping around is not a big deal like in the US.

Aeroplan Esso

You can swipe an Aeroplan card at the pump or counter. You can request a card on the Aeroplan website.

Without a card, you can manually enter your number at the counter. If you are paying with a US credit card you are probably visiting the counter anyway.

This is where the willing Canadian friend comes in because they can enter your number when they fill up.

Posting has been overnight any time I have done this.

The miles count to Aeroplan elite status, which is different from Air Canada Altitude and I hear not worth much.

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5 years ago

You can also do quick 3-4 question surveys using a Canadian app called Carrot. The only thing is you’ll need a British Columbia postal code when you register. Google is your friend 🙂