Accor Smart Explorer Daily Game to Win 10,000 Points and More

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Accor has launched daily game Smart Explorer for chances to win daily prizes of 10,000 points and and grand prizes of 200,000 points.


You can play once per day and every 10 days a new destination will appear until the 12/19/2016 conclusion.

If you play by today, 9/30/16, you will get an extra star, whatever that is worth.

The first game puzzled me. You are supposed to make your way through Tokyo back to your hotel. Each stop you have 3 choices and there do not appear to be any clues as to what to choose. Pick randomly and if you get it wrong 5 times out of the 3 stops then you lose. Except you can instant win that day either way. I thought I missed something but Magic of Miles had the same experience.

Why figure it out? Just click and play if it amuses you.

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