Make America Feel Great Again: Watch ‘I Am Big Bird’

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The swelling hate on display in America is reaching heights this election season that has me deeply discouraged. We have real problems. We also have more resources to address them than any nation. Yet we get vitriol.

I watched I Am Big Bird and feel a lot better. It is available from various sources including free streaming for Amazon Prime members.

The life of Carrol Spinney, who is the performer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, is an ‘only in America’ life in full. His is a window into brilliant Americans establishing educational children’s TV through characters that now beloved across the world. How Bob Hope and Big Bird visited China as diplomatic relations thawed. How Big Bird returned for a journey of discovery around China and many other countries. How several generations of children have learned positive life lessons from Big Bird and the Sesame Street ensemble.

This is the genius of America and of Americans at our best.

I mentally wrote this piece while watching, then in the later part of the film, the 2012 presidential election intruded in the form of Governor Romney’s comment about cutting PBS funding but still liking Big Bird. “Oh no,” I thought, “now half the country will say this is liberal media bias.” Yet, my next reaction was how quaint that seemed compared to today. In 2012 we had two honorable candidates committed to public service, and a comment about Big Bird was a big deal. In 2016 we have, well, we all know what we have.

Take a break from the misery to watch I Am Big Bird.

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David L
David L
5 years ago

Thanks so much for posting! Inspired to watch this at some point down the road. Maybe when i need a break from the dysfunctional political system of The States…

5 years ago

I will have to look that up. It looks fascinating.

The more I think about how congress is not doing anything, I wonder if we should all just not vote for either of the clowns. Not that it would happen but what happens when both get zero votes?

Not-so-new fan
Not-so-new fan
5 years ago

“This is the genius of America and of Americans at its best”

Truer words…

Thank you.