Marriott’s New Chinese Hospitality Program and Can You Benefit?

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Marriott has launched the Li Yu (礼遇) program targeted at Chinese travelers.


The press release discusses the concierge service and amenities provided by participating hotels:

Li Yu’s unique suite of tailor-made services and customized amenities includes dedicated Mandarin-speaking hotel associates, Chinese-language hotel and destination guides; complimentary Chinese tea and teaware; food and beverage options that highlight local ingredients while catering to Chinese tastes; TV and newspapers straight from China; local phone cards, power adaptors and Wi-Fi; a complimentary Li Yu welcome gift; and more.

The program is currently available at 41 Marriott properties across the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

The Li Yu site highlights must-haves for Chinese travelers such as hot water kettle and instant noodles. I am a tea addict from my years in China. Proper tea, not the desultory British brands, so I want to enroll for the Chinese tea service.

The Li yu site does not provide any clear way to enroll if Li Yu or how to book qualifying stays. There is a link to set up a new Marriott Rewards account which presumably will be flagged as for Li Yu. It is unclear if a China address is required. There is a WeChat QR code for Marriott concierge which is likely the easiest way for (Chinese speakers, at least) to get Li Yu for upcoming stays. Both pop up when clicking the Marriott Rewards icon the right-hand sidebar.


Readers, let us know if you have already experienced Li Yu!

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Sarah C
Sarah C
5 years ago

Will have to try this even as a SH expat. Thanks for sharing!