AA’s proto-AVOD system

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I have now experienced the ‘missing link’ in AVOD systems.

On American Airlines’ 777 from Sao Paulo-New York, my elbow tested the system quite a bit before I ever turned attention to it, thanks to the worst positioned remote control of any airline seat. Light go on, light go off.

Brazil 333

Then I decided to watch a movie. Hmmm…screen seems rather grainy, when was this designed?

Brazil 336

“Join show in progress” or “Next show in” were the options.

Brazil 334

I never did watch the movie, without ability to pause, was not going to watch one straight through.

Never experienced one like this, indeed the AVOD ‘missing link.’

WSJ’s Middle Seat this week discusses lie-flat business class seats, noting that despite AA excitedly promoting its rollout, it still does not have a single lie-flat seat in its fleet. I had no idea AA is so far behind.

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9 years ago

right but AA advertises it for business

9 years ago

On way from nrt to lax , I had a seat that went to flat 180 degrees. This was in first.

Kris Ziel
9 years ago

WSJ article says there won’t be any AA planes retrofitted until 2014, just the 77W deliveries will have flat beds.

9 years ago

AA’s promotion of a lie flat seat seems like real bait-and-switch advertising that is sure to lead to dissatisfied customers. They haven’t got a single lie flat seat, and yet they are advertising it like you might find it on a flight. I don’t think they have started retrofitting any existing aircraft, and it is going to be on like 2 or 3 new aircraft next year. It’s ridiculous.