7 Emirates 24 Hours: Rapid Travel Planning

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How to go from the office beige sea to Arabian desert sands in a weekend?

Careful planning, a sense of adventure, and willful disregard of the scoffers (better yet, keep it on a need-to-know basis until you have the torn boarding passes to prove it).

7Emirates24Hours 002

Arrival in Dubai

A rapid checklist of my planning for 7 Emirates 24 Hours:
(detail to come on all of these in future postings)

  • Find overnight flight both ways (ATL-DXB, helps to be in a hub city)
  • Off-season fares (Ramadan)
  • Multiple readings of the Lonely Planet guidebook sections: Getting Started, Itineraries, Directory, and Transport
  • Visa requirements (none for US citizens)
  • Vaccine requirements (none)
  • Transport options/driving requirements (International Driving Permit)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites (darn, none)
  • Travelers’ Century Club list (jackpot, all 7 Emirates count as ‘countries’!)
  • Google Maps plotting of route cross-referenced with guidebook
  • Accommodation for first night (in this case, the only night!)
  • Book, pack and go!
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