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An Update on Internet in China (And It Ain’t Pretty)

Many BoardingArea readers are heading to China in the coming weeks due to an American Airlines mistake fare. China is a wonderful country to visit, I lived there from 2002-2010 and am back this week for business with stops in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai. The internet situation is the worst I have experienced. In prior…

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US-China Visas Now 10 Years!

Great news for frequent China travelers! The US and China have reached a bilateral agreement to reciprocally issue 10-year, multiple-entry visas for tourist and business purposes. As the US has made its visa processes increasingly difficult and expensive, China has been one among a number of countries to reciprocate. China progressively raised matching fees and…

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“Our Flight Attendants More Beautiful” – China Southern NYC Inaugural Gala

“Our China Southern service is good, passenger cabin is big, and China Southern’s flight attendant’s [sisters] more beautiful!” proclaimed a China Southern executive at the inaugural gala held at The Plaza Hotel for the inaugural Guangzhou-New York JFK flight on August 6. (Original Chinese, “我们南航服务好,客舱大, 南航的空姐更漂亮!” My wife attended through a connection that she helped…

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China Flights With No Credit Card Fees via Ctrip App

Domestic flights in China are based on percent discounts from government-set full fare. The major international booking websites generally only price the full fare. To get local prices, sites such as Ctrip, eLong (owned by Expedia) and TravelZen are needed. See my China Booking Sites post for more detail. These companies accept foreign-issued (non Chinese)…

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Discover Card in China – Duel at the Cash Register

“Come on, swipe it. Please, give it a try…” Discover Card partner’s with China’s UnionPay, and their respective cards enjoy reciprocal acceptance. In China that means anyone who accepts cards can theoretically accept Discover, whereas typical foreign-issued cards are only accepted at a handful of merchants due to the hassle of additional POS machines and…

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