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Citi $500 3-Hour Trip Delay Coverage Now Effective and Chase Partially Matches

Citi cards have new benefits effective November 23, 2014. Big news for me is the addition of Trip Delay coverage to Citi Prestige, AA Executive and AA Platinum. Surprisingly Citi ThankYou Premier does not have this new benefit according to Citi’s website, though I do not hold the card and do not have the new…

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Developing: Online Amex Serve Reloads May Be Treated as Cash Advances on More Cards Since 10/1

Update 10/3: I lowered my UA Explorer cash advance limit to $100 and as with other reports, Amex Serve got a decline for the load. This lends credence to the theory that it is temporarily drawing on the cash advance limit but still posting as a charge. I was altered on twitter yesterday that a…

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New Marriott Premier Rewards Business Card – No Elite Douple Dip

Disclaimer: I will not receive any referral credit for clicking or using the below cards offer links. These are the best available offers of which I am aware. Marriott has two personal credit cards, a regular and a ‘Premier.’ Until recently they were only offering a regular business card with no corresponding premier business card.…

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Chase Experian Freeze – Dead or Life Support?

In a number of states nearly all major credit card issuers pull Experian credit reports. This becomes problematic as credit inquiries stack up on Experian, lowering the score and, of course, showing too many inquiries. One method to balance inquiries among the 3 credit bureaus has been to freeze the Experian report. A card issuer…

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Citi Benefits Builder for Downloading Guide to Benefits

Yesterday I sleuthed around to get some of the Chase Guide to Benefits download links. Reader Miles pointed out that Citi makes this easy with its Benefits Builder website. Benefits Builder is impressive. There are tabs for My Summary, Travel Benefits, Shopping Benefits, Credit & Account Protection, Event Access, and Rewards. There are Quick Links…

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AirTran 32 Credit, 2 Upgrade Card Offer Still Exists

My email inbox reminded me that the AirTran credit card still exists, though it does not even appear on Chase’s main credit card page and is not promoted through the affiliate channels that prompt breathless promotions. Eventually Southwest will finish digesting AirTran and this card will go away. The best offer I have found, via…

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