My Favorite Travel Shoes are an Amazon Prime Day Deal!

I have worn Merrell Jungle Moc shoes to nearly all of the 189 countries I have visited. They rarely go on sale anywhere.

For Amazon Prime day July 11, 2017 many Merrell shoes, including Jungle Mocs, are 30% off. There are men’s, women’s and children’s styles, see here for the full selection.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Merrell Jungle Moc

The Jungle Moc is a slip-on shoe with a solid fit. I have worn them for strenuous activities such as ascending China’s 5 holy Daoist mountains and 4 holy Buddhist mountains. When it is time to relax, they are comfortable and slip right off.

There are various versions of Jungle Moc. I favor the leather version that can be polished up for business casual settings. I also have a waterproof pair for slushy winter days.

You can stack this offer with the targeted Amex Membership Rewards 1 point for $30 off $60 promo. And the USPS move deal.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Merrell Jungle Moc Discount StackNote: you must be an Amazon Prime member to receive the 30% discount.

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  • Ted

    Why are there so many kinds and colors?? Trying to pick a pair for my dad for father’s day (8/8 in Taiwan), thoughts on a pair good for business casual and country trotting at the same time? I know you have multiples, but if you were to pick one, which one is a good compromise? Also, do they stain easy or easy to clean? Thanks!

  • Go for the leather in black, or if he prefers, brown. The black is easiest to dress up when needed. The leather is easier to clean than the other materials. So I don’t mind the price premium for leather.

  • Pizzainmotion

    Funny, I’ve worn Jungle and Hyperbolic Mocs for the last decade. When they were discontinuing Hyperbolics I bought a dozen pairs and shoved them in the back of the closet. Apparently, Randy Petersen did the same thing. We got a good laugh out of our common stockpiles.

  • Rich

    I was excited about these as I need some new Merrellls, and the black leather looks perfect. I’m looking at the online Amazon prime sale price and its $99. But then I looked around and i can get them for $100 at Merrell’s own sight and several others. This feels more like a “30% off retail” everyday price. Am I missing something? I know i can try other stacking specials, but seems like a very ordinary price.

  • It is 30% off regular retail for shoes that rarely go on sale. I have never seen Merrell put the Jungle Moc leathers on sale on their site, and seldom seem any significant discounts on other sites. Other Merrells that are less evergreen models do go on sale at various sites. As I needed a new pair, $70 plus stacking all the discounts, was good for me.

  • Frank Doyle

    Bummer…only the black is on sale.

  • Rich

    Did you actually buy some and get them for $70? I’m not seeing that discount. “The Prime Day Deal” is advertised as “$92.95 – $120.95” for “Merrell Men’s Jungle Leather Slip-On Shoe”. My size 13 and color (Midnight) price out at $99.95 all the way through checkout, before stacking. They also say “Not eligible for Amazon Prime”. The brown version is prime eligible but also prices as $100.

  • I got some last night. Sale can vary by size and availability, and make sure you are selecting the price option sold and shipped by Amazon, it won’t apply if it is another vendor, which may be undercutting Amazon on price. Deals do sell out as well.

  • I got brown last night. Make sure to select your size, a sold and shipped by Amazon offer, not from another vendor, and click to your shopping cart to see if the 30% off works. Deals do sell out, too, unfortunately.

  • Rich

    Thanks for details – no sales or stacking for travelers with large feed this time! Still appreciate the heads up.