See You at Chicago Seminars Oct 14-16?

The granddaddy of miles and points seminars, Chicago Seminars, is back this October 14-16. Register here.

I have special affection for the buzz of the event. There is little pretense, it is a sleeves rolled up vibe. Everyone jostles among friends at the Holiday Inn Elk Grove. The evening at the bar goes way late.

Tickets are $105 and Chicago is not hard to reach from points north, south, east and west.

I will be speaking on:

  • Advanced Credit Cards
  • 101 Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Be an Expert Traveler

See full details on the FlyerTalk thread here.

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  • Rich T

    Thanks for reminder – just registered and booked travel! See you for Advanced CCs Saturday morning.

  • I’ll be returning again this year. There are always new tricks to learn at Chicago.