I Use RadPad to Pay My Rent, It Works, Credit Card Payments Now Free Through 2016 via Android Pay

RadPad has launched a promotion that waives credit card fees for credit card payments through the end of 2016 when using Android Pay, reports Doctor of Credit. Normal credit card rates are 3.49%. See the offer here (not an affiliate link).

I have been using RadPad for my rent with a more fussy debit method so as an actual customer I can report that:

  • The service is legit
  • Landlord has received all payments on time (I buffer a few extra days to allow for the paper check mailing process since my landlord is not set up with RadPad for electronic payment)
  • RadPad sends email updates throughout the process, from payment to landlord check deposit, so if something goes wrong, you should promptly be informed

RadPad timeline

From what I see in reader reports, RadPad is good at knowing when customers are gaming them and when not, so fool around at your own risk.

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  • Steve

    is there anyway to pay yourself or your roomate i.e. the wife?

  • @Steve – from what I hear they are not receptive to gaming.

  • Michael

    Do you think they would let you use it to pay your mortgage?

  • @Michael – as I understand mortgage does not work, I do not have one to try myself.