My Week in Points: Finally 75k BRG, Ethiopian Offline and more

No bonus on my second Citi Premier of the summer. Maybe a quick retention call will squeak out a little consolation?

Amex is holding fast to its 4 credit card rule and I have had second thoughts on canceling my no annual fee Hilton. I had finally gotten the EveryDay to keep my Membership Rewards account active without needing to have a high annual fee card. On Sunday I finally got the Amex website to load a 75k Business Rewards Gold offer (the less desirable $10k spend one) and got an instant approval. There is unexpected value in sitting in a hotel conference room in Washington, DC in August for Frequent Traveler University. Too many attendees probably exploit the Centurion lounges as their daily canteen so maybe that explains why Amex did not throw that IP address a good Platinum offer.

Update: Travel Codex reports fining offers of 100k for Platinum and 50k for PRG…and I just got a new Platinum. I have not gotten Business Platinum to work.

Now I have another year of Membership Rewards and wonder if I can collect my EveryDay sign-up bonus and quickly cancel it to get my pending SPG Business application approved. Statement close will be close to end of the SPG offer.

Has anyone notice all the attitude coming from Amex’s India call center? Several experiences with haughty CSRs talking over me. The most recent representative hardly let me get a word in and then disconnected me when I requested to speak to a supervisor.

Just when I need to book United award tickets on Ethiopian, the United website has not been showing availability for a couple weeks. There are clunky alternatives like ANA. It would be so nice to see online how much I can push the ticketing.



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  • The MyPoints link for 750 United miles on enrollment posted fast. I need to do $25 shopping for each of the family in 30 days. I am kicking myself for forgetting to use this instead of other portals for two recent online orders I had that were at qualifying merchants. Orbitz and Travelocity are participating vendors and I have some air tickets to buy so might go that route.

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  1. […] Today, Rapid Travel Chai and Points of Life were successful in getting the 75k offer to load.  I tried it just now and was able to get the 75k offer in 1 shot, without using Incognito mode.  Not sure about the algorithm used by Amex, but if it’s based on number of applicants, you may want to apply now while the floodgates are open: […]

  • ABC

    How did this go “by next week I may have BofA Better Balance Rewards cards #7 and #8.”

    How long should one wait between citi premier cards?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @ABC – not received in the mail yet. I did get letters last week that my request had been resolved.

    Citi cards now mostly have 18 months since opened or closed account language, so quickest play is get one, don’t close at 12 months, try to get annual fee refunded, then apply for a new at 18-month mark and once approved close the old if planning to do so, which will start a new 18-month clock.

  • Christian

    How’d you get the Amex 75 offer?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Christian – after so many times in the past of trying various links and offers, trying various browsers and IP addresses, this time it just popped up on Chrome when I was checking card updates for my FTU presentation. This next is half-joking…if you are in the DC area maybe go to the Hyatt Regency Crystal City and see if it appears or use a VPN to try DC or Arlington if Amex is targeting that area.

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  • Satej Ankolekar

    Stefan, the india call center is only for new accounts (Amex). I too have had bad experiences with them. Were you finally able to get a supervisor in the new accounts team?? Guess what I had an offer to work there back in Oct 2002. (gurgaon India). I let it go as I wasn’t much into account but more into computers! Now I guess it would have been a good choice!

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