My Week in Points: Vanilla, Oceanair and more

I fly tomorrow to Seattle for an overnight business trip. I went through the options. Fly American and get no upgrade and miles I rarely use to preserve a lackluster mid-tier elite states. Fly United and also no upgrade on the nonstops, though with a pre-holiday shot at a ps Service upgrade using RPUs with an added connection in LAX or SFO…then remembered I need to get to the meeting and even a United nonstop is risky. So I settled on Delta nonstops, two of its daily JFK-SEA operate on 757s with nice business class seats, two on regular 737s, and it looked like good for upgrade chances at booking. The return upgrade cleared several days out, while my outbound upgrade is scuppered by a last minute rush on tickets in both classes that have the plane oversold. Darn those people paying for nice seats!



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  • Brendan

    Bravo. I suspect that this series is the best one-stop, miles/points feature that includes both links to long-form posts plus informed and succinct analytical editorial content on the internet.

  • I agree with Brendan. Love these recaps and I find your summary comments to be interesting.

    Re: your upgrade on Delta. These transcon upgrade lists can be ridiculously long. May I ask what status you have with Delta that you can clear days ahead?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Brandon – thank you.

    @plane2port – Diamond. My issue is usually fare class, which I believe comes after status in the hierarchy. My company always books lowest fare and I don’t do the wait till last minute to get higher fare class thing, so that is what often drops me down. From what I have heard, Million Miler status does not play into it, though those with Delta Reserve credit cards I believe have a tiebreaker over me within fare class. Main reason for this upgrade clearing I think is the business travel lull ahead of the holiday. Most weeks would assume a gate upgrade at best.