Chai Digest: Standing Against Ignorance

The week when everything or nothing changed? I will fittingly let The Onion speak for me: No One Murdered Because Of This Image.

Continue to learn and engage we must, defiantly in the face of those who kill civilization.

Chai Digest selections for the week:

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  • Jamie

    VPN changed our lives. 🙂 my husband is from the uk, and once we signed up at your suggestion, we have been able to get back to our weekly edition (addiction?) of match of the day on bbc1.
    In your article over a year ago recommending a VPN, you mentioned watching the bbc Olympics coverage. I’d also mention (which I may have done on that article) that in the uk the Paralympics is covered almost as extensively as the regular Olympics. It’s really fun to watch. Of course, wheelchair basketball is a big hit. It’s one of the many things I believe the uk should be proud of, but they don’t realize how unique they are in that. Or at least very different from the US. Not sure what kind of coverage the Paralympics gets in other countries.

  • Muerl

    S4 also flies direct from YYZ for about $50 less on average than out of BOS.

    We visited in 2011 and had a wonderful time. I recommend renting a car, we stayed out of the way on the beach in Povoação which was a nice small town which will test your UTF-8 encoding 😉

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Jamie – I remember in China during 2008 they did extensive coverage of the paralympics as well.

    @Muerl – my UTF-8 encoding skill is limited to serving Wikipedia and copying the correct encoding. Did not know they fly out of YYZ. With Avios from NYC it is the same for me.

  • Muerl

    Realized that we had a similar conversation about S4 in 2013 😉 I hope you make it out there this year.