Discover Q1 5% Not Just Gas: Taxis, Uber and Rental Cars, Too

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Discover’s 2015 Q1 5% category is Gas and Ground Transportation. Gas has gotten the press, though not all of us have access to gas stations, that say, allow credit card purchases of gift cards.

My own perch near the Holland Tunnel is filled with gas stations that charge extra for credit cards and are the type with a gun trained on you at all times. My only other domestic trips this quarter are to Las Vegas and McAllen, Texas to head to Reynosa, Mexico. Different guns, same gas station issue.

Ground Transportation I can do a bit of the $1,500 quarterly purchase limit. This includes:

  • Charter & Tour Bus Lines
  • Local & Suburban Public Transportation – Buses, Trains
  • Taxis, Limos
  • Rental Cars

I don’t take taxis or Uber (yes, Uber should work, cue the rapture).

I had an expensive car rental and investigated Discover’s rental car CDW since I do not own a car and am not otherwise insured. Coverage is secondary and capped at $25,000 (full terms here, must log in).

Discover CDW

Lots of rental cars worth more than that, at least in the eyes of the rental agency. I would not use it at rental. Instead I rented with another card and upon return, with no damage done, I switched payment to Discover. My rental was with Enterprise and I already received the 5% notification.

Coverage is available worldwide, and Discover charges no foreign transaction fees. Discover worldwide acceptance is not the best, though more than you might think.

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