What Should I See in Egypt?

What should I see in Egypt?

North Africa has been among my favorite regions to travel. Algeria, Libya and Tunisia are marvelous. Morocco is on my wish list. Next up is Egypt. For an ancient history buff, Egypt is one of the greatest treasure-houses in the world and it is long past time that I visit.

There is so much to choose from, I would like to hear from readers what stood out the most from their trips. How to even begin to choose among Luxor’s sites other than to try to see them all?

Here’s my trip outline as I hit the road:

  1. St Catherine’s and Mt Sinai
  2. Port Said for the Suez Canal and its faded 20th-century past
  3. The WWII sites of El-Alamein, with side stops at Rosetta, Alexandria and Abu Mena
  4. Luxor
  5. DenderaAbydos – Sohag Red Monastery and White Monastery
  6. Cairo

Luxor and Cairo are my big open items. So much to see, so little time. If you’ve traveled Egpyt, let me know what to do or what not to do.

And in case I can squeeze in any other place, let me know what I have inexcusably skipped. Submissions that include hotels, hotel lounges, airplane seats or airport lounges will be ignored. 🙂

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I stayed at Pyramid View Inn for 5 nights. Every night I sat on the roof top deck and watched the tour buses pull up with tourists that signed up for the “Sound and Light” show. It was a trip for them. For me, it was in my front yard. I watched it in English, Arabic and another language every night. Meanwhile, I had pretty good internet and got a lot of work done.

Yeah, the show is a little cheesy, but you’re sitting there in comfort looking at the Pyramids!

Mike Manna
Been to the Sinai area twice for a week each time. Loved it! Better brush up on your Russian since there are so many Russian tourists (but maybe their economy will keep them home). Also bring food poisoning meds – I had it for 3 days – not fun. I recommend getting a camel for ride up Sinai (cost be $10 USD a few years ago), but walking down (men should not ride camels downhill). In Luxor, we had a private guide who was cheap and professional – this way we saw more quicker and learned more quicker than with… Read more »

Friday in Cairo the traffic is very light. Great day for a city tour.
At the Pyramids of Giza, I stayed at Pyramid View Inn. It’s a low cost B&B. From my room and from the roof top deck, I had one of the best views of the Pyramids, just 1/4 mile away. I know you said no hotel reviews, but this is low cost, very simple, but a fantastic location! None of the bloggers we know would stay there.

I travelled for a month in Egypt quite some time ago and the thing that impressed me most was the coral reef in Dahab. Since then, I’ve seen a few reefs and the one in Dahab is still the best. The reef is accesible form the shore and creates an impressive dropoff. The second best sight was overnight camping at White Desert near Bahariyya oasis (which was also cool). Mt Sinai was not bad either but a bit crowded. There are so many ancient ruins that it starts a bit boring after a few but some are quite nice. I… Read more »
WE just spent two weeks in Egypt over the Christmas break. We did Cairo, three full days, Luxor, three full days (if you can book a hot air balloon experience it is worth it). Aswan, 1 .5 days and Alexandria, 1.5 days. Of all the places I could have skipped Alexandria. Not that interesting, other than the Library and a quick look around. So one full day in Alexandria is enough in my opinion. Cairo deserves three full days. WE did all the pyramids in one day, next day the Museum (which is amazing) and islamic and coptic Cairo. Third… Read more »
Christine K

What an exciting journey. We did Cairo over Thanksgiving and I certainly have some tips. You may have read these already but if not, maybe there is some helpful info. The comments provide some insight as well. Safe travels. http://www.frugaltravelguy.com/2014/12/my-top-ten-tips-for-visiting-the-pyramids-of-giza.html


Looks like a great itinerary! I have only spent a few hours in Cairo so far (but will be running a 100K there later this year) and my one takeaway – avoid driving in Cairo on a Thursday night! 🙂 Saw more accidents in 2 hours than I have seen in a year.

I lived there for a few years and visited over a dozen other times. I don’t know how much time you have there, but the additions to the list I have are: Dahab & Sharm El Sheikh – Some say Sharm is touristy (it is) but it is a heck of a party too. Dahab is way chill with great food and a more backpacker/hostel vibe. You have the N. Coast well covered, so A trip to Marsa Matrouh is not necessary but would be fun. At the very least take some time other than the sites to appreciate the… Read more »

tahrir sq?