United Club Passes Giveaway from 2 Travelers Setting Off for a Year Around the World

Two dear friends, Matthew and Meta, have packed or donated their stuff, closed up their apartment, left their jobs, and set off yesterday for a year trip around the world. They should have touched down in Hong Kong by now and in a departure dinner in New York they offered 2 United Club passes to give away.

They will explore and volunteer as they wind their way around the globe. I am waiting for their first post on Passports in Hand.

Please share volunteer ideas for them or how you spend a year around the world trip in a comment on this post by Saturday, January 10 at 23:59 EST. The passes expire 02/28/15.

Comment email field must contain valid email address for potential winners to receive notification. A potential winner will be selected at random and notified by email on Sunday, January 11 and posted here. A valid email address in the comment form is required to notify the potential winner who must respond to accept by Thursday, January 15 at 23:59 EST. Available to US entrants/addresses only.


And the draw goes to #14, Ho, who suggested to, “Volunteer as crews on medical ships.”

United Club Passes Giveaway 11Jan15

Thank you to all who contributed. I should do some of this!

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  • Paul

    Use volunteermatch.com to find opportunities that work for you!

  • Rose

    In terms of advice: I think my favorite thing I’ve done in all my travels was in the comparatively un-exotic U.K. We walked between Cotswold villages, getting a luggage transfer service to transport our bags from one B&B to another, so that they were always waiting for us when we arrived in our next Cotswold town. We spent three or four days doing this (taking plenty of sidetracks and excursions) and cleared 60 miles of beautiful walking. Definitely a summer/early fall thing, though!

  • Matt

    I would visit Australia first and then spend some time in
    various parts of South America and Europe. Safe travels to
    both of them.

  • JIC

    I volunteered for a few months in Brazil with conservation work. I got to see many cool plants and animals. Plus I learned Portuguese. Really rewarding experience.

  • henry

    count me in. 1st

  • Ang

    Congrats Matt and Meta!!! This is a wonderful decision and I think it’s awesome you two are doing this. I look forward to reading your blog about your adventures. For volunteer opportunities, I would look into volunteering at schools that teach English. I know a lot of people in Japan, China, HK and Korea are eager to learn English so this should be something you two can easily jump into. Good luck!

  • Samuel

    Teach English in Cambodia – an experience you’ll never forget.

  • r hirsch

    i volunteered for 3 yrs with the peace corps in vanuatu. i also volunteered for a year with an ngo in guatemala. then i did a 5.5 year bike ride around the world and this is what i learned. go where you are going to go. wander around. ask at schools, orphanages, nursing homes, etc. you will find something. and you will probably find something where there is the most immediate and greatest need.


  • William Muckelroy

    I would be on the beach.

  • Chris

    Ride motorcycles across many countries, meeting their people and becoming one with their struggles for labor equity?

  • Kyle B

    Take lots of pictures of food, that way you can find your favorites when you get home

  • Emman

    I would go through all seven continents, if possible!

  • Rich C

    Why are they doing this?

  • Ho

    Volunteer as crews on medical ships

  • Abhishek D

    Check out WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

  • JRG

    Visit Switzerland, the most beautiful place in the world.

  • Marcelo R

    You can volunteer in the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica (slothsanctuary.com). I’m planning to do that myself soon.

  • thomas

    Share your love of travel and other cultures with the people you meet. You are ambassadors to the world. 🙂

  • J.

    Focus on hunger.

  • Chip W

    Check out Volunteers for Peace in Greece

  • Michael H.(oldfox)

    I volunteered to work with orphans for a week in Nepal a few years ago while waiting for my flight from Kathmandu to India. A travel agency proposed the idea when I was looking for air tickets to India. Great experience with the kids and a way to meet the locals. Agency also got me a discounted air ticket!

  • scott

    I personally always enjoy building something. Normally don’t get to use my hands to create so always like having that opportunity.

  • Congrats to your friends! We are hoping to do the same…9 months, 30 countries, as much of it as possible on miles and points!

  • EIG

    I would do Thailand, Australia, and different parts of Europe…what an exciting trip they are taking!

  • allen

    how about visit all the US embassies around the world?

  • jessie

    I’d love to unique animals/species both on land and sea

  • wen

    I think there is always an opportunity to share your experiences traveling with others so that they learn more about the world and different cultures. Perhaps this could be paired up while teaching English and you could do an interactive Q&A type session.

  • duncan

    share the love of travel, experiences, memories, with people you meet!

  • SC

    Perhaps try to do the same thing on every continent or country you visit (eg bungee jump in every country)

  • Thank you so much everyone for the suggestions and comments. We’ll be sure to advantage of the opinions while we go about our journey.