Marriott’s Auto-Play Blasting Music email

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Music started blasting from my computer early this morning in Las Vegas.

I couldn’t figure out the source. I closed iTunes, from which I had been listening to a podcast. Still blasting.

Closed IE which was running my work email. Still blasting.

Closed Firefox where I had been checking personal email. Music stopped.

I thought my computer had been hijacked in an homage to the psychotic Planet Hollywood experience where I am staying.

I reopened my email and the music was back.

I closed the Hotmail browser tab from my promotional emails account and the band played no more.

I returned to an email from Marriott Rewards with subject “Your Account – Start 2015 With MegaBonus” to register for the laughably weak Marriott MegaBonus, and I was assaulted again.

Marriott Blasting Music email

Halfway down the email was a video on autoplay. I have never had an email do this and didn’t know the technology yet existed to do this in emails. Maybe some HTML5 thing?

Marriott, stop, right now, stop.

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